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Creating a brand new smile with help from your Buffalo dentist

Doctor smiling and holding big jaws denture

The loss of teeth has a significant impact on your oral health, as well as your overall facial aesthetic. At the Smile Center, your dental needs are served by experienced professionals who understand the apprehension you may feel about finding the most suitable tooth replacement. We are well versed in finding solutions to your dental problems, including the loss of teeth due to poor oral health, even advanced gum disease.

As we grow older, we may develop dental issues that lead to the loss or removal of natural teeth. Smile Center offers both dentures and implants to restore an attractive, natural appearance and the structure necessary for chewing and speaking. We know that spending any amount of time without teeth can be unpleasant. Our patients benefit greatly from our immediate denture process.

One of the variations that are available in denture technology today is the inclusion of dental implants. These artificial teeth are capable of replacing anywhere from one to all teeth, with great success. The superiority of implants over traditional forms of tooth replacement cannot be understated. With this process, the entire structure of a missing tooth is replaced, including the root system.

Replacing the root as well as the missing tooth means that we are able to help you create a brand new smile in just a few visits to our Buffalo dental practice. With dental implants, your smile is restored to its most natural state. This is because implants are secured within the jawbone, where they become part of this permanent structure over time. Consequently, the artificial teeth, or denture appliance, that sits on top of implants are as secure as natural teeth.

The benefit of dental implants as supports to dentures is that only a few implants are necessary to stabilize the denture appliance. Once secured, chewing function is completely restored and there are no limitations on what foods you can enjoy. Dentures affixed to implants are firmly in place, and will not rub against gum tissue, nor will you have to worry that your appliance will fall out at an inopportune time. Lastly, dental implants provide necessary stimulation to bone tissue in the jaw, preserving this structure, which is vital to healthy facial contours.

Whether you are visiting the Smile Center for conventional dentures or implant-supported dentures, we believe you deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your smile. After the insertion of dental implants, we can craft customized, natural-looking dentures that you can wear immediately. Our immediate dentures are attractive and strong enough for daily use in the months your implants are healing.

After implants have become secure within the jawbone, you will return to our office for the fitting of your permanent denture appliance. In the interim, you will continue to enjoy the benefits of a full set of teeth.

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