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Experience the best care with your sedation dentist in Buffalo

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If your level of anxiety surrounding dental care keeps you from keeping regular visits with your dentist, you are one of a large group of people who experience dental anxiety. There could be many reasons why a person finds dental care unappealing or frightening. Our belief is that our patients should be able to look forward to professional care. Getting your best, healthiest smile doesn’t happen without it. If you have avoided dental care for any length of time, it may be time to call your sedation dentist in Buffalo to gain a completely new perspective on dentistry.

Informed dentists understand that there is a link between patient comfort and excellence in care. Incorporating sedation services into our practice allows us to cater to cowards, so to speak. We work with patients who have not seen the dentist in decades, and love seeing their newfound perspective when they realize dental care doesn’t have to be frightening after all. The positive effect of sedation allows people with varying degrees of anxiety to undergo treatments such as root canal therapy, dental fillings, and routine cleanings. All of our patients are different. It is our job to listen to their needs and provide care accordingly, promoting comfort and positive experiences that lead to trust and ongoing care.

The inclusion of sedation into dental treatment does not necessarily equate to sleep dentistry. Some patients may relax enough to doze off, while others simply become less responsive to the activity going on in the treatment room. In either scenario, the effect on the patient is a more relaxing, more positive experience.

Sedation dentistry offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Greatly reduced stress and anxiety
  • Sedation facilitates the completion of several procedures in just one visit
  • A reduction in fear of future dental visits
  • Sedation maximizes pain reduction in conjunction with local anesthetic
  • IV sedation results in little to no memory of treatment

We view each of our patients as unique individuals, which is why our office is equipped to provide sedation based on specific need. During your consultation with your Smile Center dentist, you can discuss your attitude towards dental care so that we have a better understanding of your needs. Your dentist will discuss the details of the different types of sedation, which are laughing gas, enteral sedation, and IV sedation. Working together, we can create your ideal environment for stress-free dental care.

At Smile Center, we go the extra mile to ensure your comfort. Contact us to schedule your visit with a skilled sedation dentist.