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Achieving your best smile with immediate dentures from your Buffalo dentist

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Replacing missing teeth is a very personal form of treatment, which we handle with great care at Smile Center. It is our goal that each patient achieves his or her best smile with custom designed restorations, such as or implant retained dentures, or immediate dentures, in our state of the art Buffalo practice.

Dentures have long been a viable restoration after the loss of a few teeth, or all teeth. The invention of dental implants has changed the tooth replacement process forever, opening the doors for greater function, greater comfort, and ultimate confidence. Using this innovative technology in conjunction with a full or partial denture appliance combines the best of both worlds for cost-effective restoration.

Dental implants differ from traditional dentures in that these individual prosthetics, designed as posts with connections to artificial teeth, are situated within the jawbone. Over the decades that traditional dentures have been used, many patients have found them to be somewhat uncomfortable or unreliable, as this type of appliance sits on top of gum tissue.

Dr. Kent is very precise in his measurements and design process for dentures. However, our patients can choose to have them made for use with dental implants. Implant-retained dentures are incredibly secure, as the appliance will snap onto a few dental implants, which have been carefully inserted into healthy jawbone. Over the course of a few months, the implant post becomes fused to bone tissue, securing it into place for lifelong function.

There are significant benefits to adding a few dental implants for the stability of a denture appliance. One primary reason for choosing this level of restoration is comfort. Secured onto implants, a denture appliance will not rub against the gums. This level of stability is also conducive to confident chewing of various types of foods. When speaking, laughing, and smiling, you will feel fully confident knowing that dentures are firmly in place, and will not move within the mouth, or fall out.

Immediate dentures can give you a brand new smile in as little as two hours. In a single appointment, as soon as any necessary extractions have been completed, we will place a beautiful, natural looking healing denture. When the healing is complete, in about three months, we will craft your final denture with precision. You don’t have to spend a single toothless day with this innovative option.

It is our intention to provide the highest level of personalized care to each patient. We offer a number of solutions to help you regain confidence in your smile, and work with you to accomplish your goals.

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