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There is no such thing as basic dental care from your Buffalo NY dentist

Dentist curing patients teeth

At Smile Center, every one of our patients is treated with the utmost dental care, whether they are seeing us for preventive treatment or for the repair of a tooth affected by a cavity. Even in our general dental services, there is no such thing as basic dental care. Our patients from Buffalo and other nearby NY cities, for instance, have tooth repair with natural looking composite fillings rather than the industry standard, amalgam.

We all deserve to feel confident laughing, talking, and sharing our smiles. Dark spots on teeth, even at the back of the mouth, may make you more apprehensive about smiling broadly or laughing, as they announce “Hey! I’ve had dental work done!” For many years, the only alternative to amalgam fillings was to invest in cosmetic treatments such as porcelain crowns. Today, tooth repair does not have to cost you your beautiful smile. With composite dental fillings, Dr. Kent restores strength to damaged teeth while also retaining natural beauty.

Composite resin fillings are made to match the color of surrounding tooth structure perfectly. This material is used in dentistry in restorative treatments and in a cosmetic way, if bonding is performed. A combination of glass and quartz in a resin base, these fillings are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also free of metal.

In just a few steps, composite fillings aptly repair teeth. After numbing the area, we will isolate the tooth and keep it dry. The damaged portion of the tooth is then gently removed with a great deal of precision. A benefit to this process is that composite is applied directly to the tooth, where it is bonded into place. This means that your dentist is able to preserve a greater amount of natural tooth structure. The application of composite resin is completed in layers, and the material is hardened with a special light. The filling is then expertly shaped to restore a comfortable bite.

A bit more work may go into the placement of tooth-colored composite resin fillings, but our patients are worth it. These fillings, being metal free, tend to expand and contract at a rate more compatible with natural enamel. Their bonding to the tooth actually strengthens the overall structure, leading to long lasting function. Perhaps right up there as a primary benefit is the fact that your smile looks gorgeous and all natural.

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