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Look and feel your best with dental implants, a superior alternative for tooth replacement in NY

Lady checking new dental implants in mirror

While a lost tooth or extraction is never an ideal situation, there have never been better tooth replacement options. You can benefit from advanced dental technologies and techniques, so your new tooth looks, feels, and functions like a healthy, natural tooth. In a short time, you’ll be back to enjoying foods again, and loving the smiling reflection you see in the mirror.

Conventional techniques: bridging the gap

For many decades, a dental bridge may have been your only option to replace a tooth or some teeth. The idea behind the bridge is to anchor the new tooth to adjacent teeth. The pontic and two crowns are fused together and then cemented to neighboring teeth, with the pontic closing the space or bridging the gap. Any time a tooth is crowned, some natural structure must be removed to make room for the crown, so these nearby teeth are reduced in size as part of the procedure.

The modern alternative: dental implants in NY

The dentist you have come to know and trust, Dr. Gordon Kent, has been at the leading-edge of an exciting evolution in tooth replacement options. Dr. Kent has been placing the “next best thing to real teeth” since 1980. No other dental professional this side of New York City has been placing implant-supported teeth longer. To this day, many dentists do not place implants. They refer patients to specialists, which often adds headaches and costs to the procedure.

One of the things that make dental implants so desirable is that they rely not on neighboring teeth for strength but, rather, on the implant surgically placed in the jawbone like a tooth root.

These cylindrical-shaped posts are made from biocompatible titanium, which means that they can safely fuse to the surrounding, supportive bone and are not harmful to living tissues. Like a natural tooth root, the implant anchored in the jawbone helps to securely support your new tooth or teeth. Secure support is vital to all the features that make healthy, natural teeth so effective. You can chew food easily, speak clearly, and avoid the destructive bone loss associated with tooth loss.

Implants are versatile. The Smile Center team can use dental implants to replace a single tooth, some, or many teeth, and even an entire arch. Dentures can be designed to snap over a few implants for optimal stability. A minimal amount of implants may be placed to support a maximum amount of teeth, which helps to contain costs should you need a full denture.

Are implants or alternatives right for you?

The Smile Center team understands there are many variables to consider when restoring the function and appearance of your teeth. Your unique needs for treatment, lifestyle, and budget all play a part. You can benefit from Dr. Kent’s experience with conventional and modern techniques, as well as from the team’s experience with insurance companies, and flexible payment options to reduce anxiety over the dental bill.

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