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Buffalo area, dental center strives to make implants affordable for everyone

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In the early 1980s, the Smile Center brought dental implants to the Greater Buffalo area. Since that time, Dr. Gordon Kent and his team have pioneered other concepts to make the procedure affordable. We want to assure your needs and wants, not your budget, is the driving force behind treatment. We take great pride in catering to those who may have fear over a procedure, and some of that fear may not be pain-associated but, rather, associated with a price tag.

So many options under one roof

The Smile Center stands out from other dental providers in the region due to our ability to make your new tooth root (the implant itself) and the crown (the part of the tooth you see above the gum line) in-house. Furthermore, Dr. Kent can place the implant. With many other general practitioners, you must drive to another specialist who will surgically place the manmade implant.

We save you time and money by offering all services – from the consultation to the crown and follow-up, eliminating the need to drive to different offices.

Like our services, our payment options are also highly comprehensive and defy the “norm” you may have come to expect from dentists’ offices. We can stretch your payment over a longer period through our partnerships with Care Credit and American Health Care Card. This means a smaller monthly payment for you, and quite often at no interest if paid off within a specific period (for qualifying borrowers).

We can work with your specific case to match you with a payment plan that works within your budget.

Notably, we offer the Smile Center Plan. For a low annual fee, you get the following to help shoulder the costs of your new tooth:

  • 15 percent savings on standard fees
  • Free non-orthodontic dental X-rays
  • Two free examinations
  • Free emergency care
  • Free oral hygiene instruction

Our SCP members also get two polishings, two fluoride treatments, and nutritional counseling included in the annual fee.

While it’s sometimes hard to look down the road and see how today’s dental concerns may impact your future, know that by getting a new tooth or teeth solidly rooted to your jawbone (to look and function just like your natural tooth) you may be avoiding problems over the longer term that could cost you much more. Tooth loss compounds, adding up to problems with pronouncing words or eating the foods you once enjoyed. Your nutrition (and overall health) may suffer.

If we find implants are the best solution for you, we will work to find a way to make it happen from a cost perspective and avoid any complications caused by missing teeth. See us for affordable dental implants in Buffalo NY by first scheduling an appointment at .