Dentist in Buffalo, NY offers safe and comfortable dental treatments with IV sedation

Safe Dental Treatments With IV Sedation in Buffalo area

At the Smile Center in Buffalo, NY, patients in the community can enjoy quality care. But what about dental anxiety? A common concern for many of our patients is the fear of sitting in the dentist’s chair. This fear can be very overwhelming for many patients, including adults, enough to where they avoid getting dental work completed. However, thanks to the benefits of IV sedation, patients can now enjoy safe and effective dental treatments with their dentist. What is IV sedation? Dr. Gordon Kent of the Smile Center describes IV sedation as a sedative that is intravenously administered. This sedative … Continue reading

What is “laughing gas” sedation offered by Buffalo dentists?

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Many Americans have anxieties and fears associated with the dental office. While some are explainable, such as negative past experiences, others are not. Children and adults of all ages can suffer from anxieties that can keep them from getting the dental care they need and deserve. This is why Dr. Kent of Smile Center offers various levels of sedation dentistry. From deep IV sedation to laughing gas, Buffalo area residents can use sedation dentistry to obtain the dental treatment they need to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. One commonly used form of sedation is  laughing gas. Buffalo residents both young … Continue reading

What is IV Sedation?

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Anxiety or fear can cause individuals not to receive the dental care they need and deserve. Many patients avoid making dental appointments due to this unwarranted fear of the dentist’s chair. However, dentists such as Dr. Kent, of The Smile Center, offer various forms of sedation to help ease the patient’s concerns, including IV sedation. Buffalo NY residents can rely on IV sedation to relax and become comfortable during their dental visit. IV sedation is one of the strongest forms of dental sedation, and requires a specialized license to administer. It is a type of conscious dental sedation, and induces … Continue reading

IV sedation dentistry one of the various ways your Buffalo dentist improves your dental experiences

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Just in our general area, hundreds of people avoid receiving dental care due to anxiety. For some people, apprehension is so great that even calling a dental office to make an appointment is difficult. Dental anxiety is different for each person. Whether you fall into the highly anxious category or are simply a busy person who has a hard time relaxing for dental treatment, you may find immense benefit in IV sedation dentistry, offered by your experienced Buffalo dentist. Dr. Gordon Kent and the team of Smile Center offer patients a three-pronged approach to care. In this way, we take every measure to … Continue reading

Dentist in Buffalo, NY explains dental sedation

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Modern life is full of stressful situations – getting and losing jobs; dating, mating, and divorce; moving and buying a home; illness and losing loved ones. Maybe you are one of thousands in the Buffalo, NY area that also stresses at the idea of visiting a dentist. Then you’ll be pleased to learn that dental anxiety is one stressor that may be eliminated from your life. Dr. Gordon Kent and his team at The Smile Center help patients get oral health back on track with dental sedation. Sedation dentistry in a nutshell The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation estimates that … Continue reading

The benefits of enteral sedation in Buffalo

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At Smile Center in Buffalo, NY, we understand how paralyzing and agonizing fear can be – and we don’t want our patients to feel that way. Sedation is a safe, effective way for the most anxious, fearful patients to receive much needed dental care. It even enables phobic individuals to feel comfortable enough to enjoy the benefits of elective cosmetic dentistry. We offer three levels of sedation, along with gentle dentistry, to give you a reason to smile. Inhaled laughing gas is the lightest level, helping you relax. IV sedation is the most powerful, inducing a sleep-like state of semi-consciousness. … Continue reading

How does oral sedation work on Buffalo patients?

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It is common for patients of all ages to be fearful of the dentist. Many Americans are anxious when it comes to dental care. Thankfully, patients can overcome this with oral sedation. Buffalo area practice, the Smile Center, offers oral sedation for those who want to be calmed and comforted for their dental care. Oral sedation, also known as enteral sedation, is a way in which a patient can be relaxed for an appointment by taking medication prescribed by the dentist. Oral sedation is wonderful. It is a simple way to relax a patient while keeping him or her conscious … Continue reading

No need for major sedation to receive comfortable care in Buffalo NY

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Dr. Kent is a dentist who understands there are many patients who feel frightened of receiving dental care. Smile Center has been designed for patient comfort. Not only does our experienced staff provide care in a gentle, compassionate manner, but we also offer services that enable anxious patients to regain their confidence in professional dental care. Sedation dentistry has been steadily evolving for several years. Today, there is no need to reserve this service for major procedures, nor is it necessary to have deep sedation for standard treatments. In our Buffalo, NY practice, we tailor sedation to each patient’s needs. … Continue reading

Your Buffalo dentist improves your experience with IV sedation

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In the common medical setting, patients receiving certain types of care are offered some type of sedation to ensure comfort and alleviate anxiety. In many situations, the use of sedation can facilitate a smooth procedure. It has only been a recent development of dentistry, however, to offer patients sedation for routine treatments. At the Smile Center in Buffalo, we believe our patients deserve the highest standard of compassionate care, which is why we offer laughing gas, enteral sedation, and IV sedation. Various sedation options for a positive solution Laughing gas was the first common form of sedation to be offered … Continue reading

What is IV Sedation Dentistry in Buffalo NY?

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Do you find that you seem to come up with multiple excuses not to see the dentist? You’re busy. Your teeth feel fine. Whatever the justification may be, it is often masking a fear of sitting in the dental chair. At Smile Center, we believe in making the entire dental experience pleasant. What our patients quickly learn is that IV sedation goes hand in hand with excellence in dentistry. If you live in the Buffalo, NY area and want a caring, empathetic dental team that happily offers sedation, Smile Center is the place for you. Why IV sedation is ideal … Continue reading


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