Buffalo, NY dentist gives patients new smiles with immediate dentures

New Smile With Dentures in Buffalo NY area

It’s impossible to imagine life without your teeth. Yet, for many, this idea becomes a reality after unsuccessful battles with oral disease. Permanent tooth loss affects people in many ways. Not only is there a loss of functionality, but there is also a loss of confidence and self-esteem If you are facing complete extraction of your natural teeth, immediate dentures may be the best solution for you. Immediate dentures can help you avoid the embarrassment and loss of functionality that comes from living without any teeth. At the Smile Center in Buffalo, NY, we understand the devastating impact of permanent tooth loss. … Continue reading

Buffalo NY dental team eases anxiety about cost of dentures with versatile payment options

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The Smile Center team offers sedation as a calming answer to one of the biggest sources of dental anxiety: Dental fear. Dr. Gordon Kent and his team can also ease another cause of dental anxiety: Cost. The Smile Center never wants the fear of the dental bill to keep you away from getting the treatment you need or, at that, the preferred treatment for and your condition. If you are missing teeth, immediate dentures may be that preferred option. Mapping out a plan Dr. Kent and his team pride themselves in their long-term relationships with patients and their families. If … Continue reading

Best dentures in Buffalo are available at an affordable cost

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With conventional dentures, you might be toothless for 12 weeks, waiting for a lab to make your new teeth. We can save you the hassle and time associated with this traditional option, courtesy of our immediate dentures procedure. While we still make a series of impressions of your jaw to ensure the upper and lower parts of your mouth meet correctly, the departure from traditional dentistry happens when we fit you with a denture on the same day that we pull any remaining teeth. You’ll wear this immediate denture until you receive your final set of new teeth. There are … Continue reading

Buffalo dentist explains how immediate dentures can restore a smile after periodontal disease

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Periodontal disease can be detrimental to a patient’s smile and their overall health. Periodontal disease is known to affect not only an individual’s oral health, but also his or her body’s health and performance. Patients with gum disease and other inflammatory issues can experience an increased risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. It is important that patients address their oral health care to avoid the progression of this disease to enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth and body. Dr. Kent, of Smile Center, understands the consequences of periodontal disease. Buffalo residents may experience the loss of gum tissue, … Continue reading

Tissue conditioning and other experiences with immediate dentures in Buffalo

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One of the factors of total tooth replacement that leaves many people displeased is the time needed between the extraction of any existing teeth and the fitting of a permanent denture appliance. The time necessary for full healing, typically ranges from four to six months, during which time, the patient is toothless. Through innovation in the field of dentistry, patients may now choose to make this process easier with immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are just as they sound. Before any teeth are extracted, your dentist constructs a denture appliance, which will be placed on the day of extraction. Using this … Continue reading

How immediate full dentures from your Buffalo NY dentist are improved with dental implants

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When teeth have been weakened or damaged, leading to loss or the need for removal, your dentist’s goal is to restore your smile as quickly and as comfortably as possible. Dentures are one way in which your dentist can help you regain full function and your beautiful smile. At Smile Center, Dr. Kent offers immediate dentures to patients from Buffalo and other NY townships, bringing positive results that promote healthy smiles. Full dentures have improved significantly over the past several years. Not only have the materials and techniques of conventional treatment progressed, but dentistry has evolved to a point where … Continue reading

Receiving a same day denture is possible at Buffalo area dental practice

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Some patients who visit our Buffalo area practice are struggling with many dental health issues. They may be dealing with missing teeth, advanced stages of periodontal disease, severe decay, and an unattractive smile. When patients want to find a cosmetic solution to their problem that can also improve function, they are encouraged to speak to the team at The Smile Center. Dr. Gordon Kent and his team of professionals at The Smile Center in Buffalo, NY are committed to assisting patients with enhancement of the smile. Some patients may want to address damaged or lost teeth, while others may want to go … Continue reading

What Are The Steps Involved In Receiving Immediate Dentures?

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Here at The Smile Center, we offer one benefit to our patients that many other area dentists do not, immediate dentures. When you are in need of a beautiful smile, even after extraction of the teeth, it is important to go with a dentist that can provide you with a solution and help you understand immediate dentures steps. Buffalo NY dentist Dr. Kent of The Smile Center is focused on providing patients with immediate dentures to get them smiling again, without having to wait. The steps involved in receiving immediate dentures from start to finish begin with an initial consultation … Continue reading

There are several advantages to full immediate dentures from your Buffalo NY dentist

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The way our teeth age and break down has not changed much throughout history, though the ways in which we can restore function after tooth loss has. Today, patients of the Smile Center can experience immediate restoration after failing teeth have been removed. Dr. Kent has years of experience crafting beautiful, well-fitting dentures for his patients, and this expedited process has improved the course of treatment. Immediate dentures are just that – immediate. This interim denture appliance is crafted in our laboratory before the extraction of any remaining teeth, solving one of the biggest problems with conventional denture treatment: time … Continue reading

Denture procedures have improved significantly in Buffalo NY

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The mouth is a vital part of our emotional and physical health. It is easy to take the overall purpose of the mouth for granted, assuming that our teeth will last us our lifetime. Sadly, this is not the case for every person. One of the greatest aspects of dentistry is helping our patients prevent dental problems and keep their healthy smiles as long as possible. We also pride ourselves on offering impeccable restorative care for those who need it. Rest assured that, although we take your oral health seriously, you do not receive lectures from your experienced Buffalo dentist. … Continue reading


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