Buffalo, NY dentists explains how braces fix your teeth

Buffalo braces to fix your teeth

Have you considered fixing your teeth in the past but were unsure if braces were the right option for you? Deciding to have orthodontic treatment can be discussed between you and your dentist. At Smile Center in Buffalo, NY, we take the time to work with you to determine what treatment plan is best suited for your individual needs. Whether it’s traditional braces or an alternative such as invisible aligners, we’ll get you started on the path to a straighter, healthier smile. Braces are an excellent option for addressing functional problems within the bite as well as aesthetic concerns such … Continue reading

Getting braces from your dentist in Buffalo leads to a healthy, happy smile

Beautiful girl with braces smiles in dentistry

Many of the patients who have visited us throughout the years have asked, “Is it really necessary to get braces?” The answer may be different for each person. We all have dentition that is unique to us. The team at Smile Center has the experience to help you come to an educated decision about orthodontic treatment. We are able to handle most of our patients’ needs right here in our office, so they benefit from continuity of care. Three distinct improvements can result from treatment with braces from your dentist in Buffalo: Improved oral health Improved function Improved appearance Oral health Although we tend to … Continue reading

It’s true! Customized orthodontic treatment from your Buffalo dentist may be better than Invisalign

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Though there are millions of people who wish for a straighter, more attractive smile, many never seek treatment due to the appearance of metal braces. Just before the turn of the century, Align Technology introduced a new and improved way to straighten teeth – Invisalign aligners. Before the aligner method, the most discreet way to correct misalignment was to undergo conventional orthodontic treatment with clear braces or lingual braces, which sat on the inside of teeth. The truth is these options are still available today, even when Invisalign has proven to be incredibly effective. In fact, we offer customized orthodontic … Continue reading

Maintaining your beautiful smile with an orthodontic retainer from your Buffalo dentist

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A common thought is that teeth are a part of the jawbone itself. Really, our teeth are supported below the surface by what is called the periodontal ligament. This structure is somewhat soft and pliable, which is why a tooth can be wiggled in its socket. The nature of this supporting structure is what allows successful orthodontic treatment, in which teeth are gradually moved into a new and improved position. Whether standard bracket-and-wire braces are applied, or Invisalign aligners are used, the constant gentle pressure stretches the supportive ligament beneath the surface of the gums, freeing teeth a bit at … Continue reading

Can Adults Undergo Orthodontic Treatment?

Senior man 70-75 years old, having visited the dental office for treatment

Having a beautiful smile is important. First impressions are often based on an individual’s smile, as it can be the first thing that others notice about somebody. A beautiful smile can be beneficial in various aspects of a person’s life, making a positive impact on their personal and business relationships. However, not everyone was able to afford or receive orthodontics in the past. This is why many adults with crooked teeth may consider orthodontic treatment later in life. Buffalo NY dentist, Dr. Kent, of the Smile Center, encourages adults to undergo orthodontia to achieve their ultimate smile. There is no … Continue reading

Straight talk on a crooked smile: Orthodontic treatment options for patients in the Buffalo area

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There’s a common misconception that traditional braces – metal bands, brackets, wires, and rubber bands – are “kid’s stuff” or a thing of the past. Small wonder, with terrific options like transparent Invisalign straightening systems available. In reality, though, no two mouths, individuals, or lifestyles are quite the same. A patient in the Buffalo area needs orthodontic treatment options to turn a mouthful of crooked teeth into a straight, healthy, gorgeous smile. Dr. Gordon Kent delivers those options, at the general dental practice where you feel at home with a friendly team you know – The Smile Center. Can a … Continue reading

Orthodontic treatment options for Buffalo, NY and 14225 area patients

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A misaligned smile can do more than hurt a person’s self-esteem. It can also be harmful to the health of the mouth. When teeth are crooked, it creates pockets of space where food particles can become trapped and not easily removed by brushing. Additionally, if the teeth are crowded together, it can cause pressure and discomfort while also being challenging to brush and floss between the teeth. Orthodontic treatment can help patients improve the alignment of their teeth. However, when many patients think of orthodontics they imagine the traditional treatment of metal brackets and wires. While some teenagers view braces … Continue reading

Looking for an orthodontist in Buffalo NY? Benefit from unique expertise across many straightening methods

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In some respects, there has never been a better time to get braces. There are more comfortable not to mention attractive options to straighten teeth. Maybe for as long as you can remember you’ve had less-than-straight teeth. Perhaps your teeth have shifted over time. Whatever the case may be there is no time like the present to gain (or regain) a straight smile. The longer you live with crooked teeth, the more complications can arise. You may have problems cleaning between crowded teeth. This can lead to decay, which leads to tooth damage and tooth loss. Crooked teeth can also … Continue reading

Orthodontist near me in the Buffalo, NY area that offers a variety of services

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Patients who believe they have imperfect smiles may be interested in addressing issues such as misalignment with orthodontics. However, the idea of visiting a specialist such as an orthodontist can be scary, especially for patients who have developed great personal relationships with the team of the Smile Center. Dr. Gordon Kent of Buffalo, NY is a dentist who can provide orthodontic care in one of two ways. Traditional Braces For patients with severe misalignment, overcrowding, and malocclusion, Dr. Gordon Kent may still suggest the use of traditional braces. Conventional orthodontics often includes the use of metal brackets and wires to … Continue reading

Patients looking for orthodontic care near me in Buffalo ask, “How do you get crooked teeth?”

Dr. Gordon Kent at The Smile Center in Buffalo explains how do you get crooked teeth

Open any magazine or watch any movie and you’ll see pictures of people with perfectly straight, perfectly white smiles. Reality, however, is very different. If you look at people you interact with on a day to day basis, you’ll notice that very few of them have “perfect” smiles. The development of our teeth centers around functionality, not aesthetics, which means crooked teeth are more common than perfectly straight teeth. So, you may be wondering, “How do you get crooked teeth?” At the Smile Center in Buffalo, NY, we decided to delve into why some people have crooked teeth. There are … Continue reading


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