Dentist in Buffalo, NY area dental practice explains how implants are done

How Dental Implants Are Done in Buffalo NY area

Dental implants have become increasingly popular for patients who need to replace a single tooth. These permanent tooth replacement solutions are easy to care for and can last a lifetime. Patients with tooth loss who are learning about their options may want to ask about dental implants and how they are done by our dentist in Buffalo, NY. At the Smile Center, Dr. Gordon Kent and his team evaluate patients to decide if dental implants can be used to restore the function and beauty of the smile! Dental implants explained Dental implants are tooth root replacements. These individual posts are … Continue reading

Restoring your most natural aesthetic with a porcelain crown, made in our Buffalo dental laboratory

A dentist showing porcelain teeth to patient

Several considerations need to be made when you are facing tooth replacement. Though partial and full dentures have been the conventional methods used, this does not mean they are the most successful. Today, we understand the shortcomings of tooth replacement treatments that lie on top of the gums. Dr. Kent, of the Smile Center, provides long-lasting security and an attractive aesthetic, replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Implants are inserted into the jawbone, creating a near-natural replica of tooth structure. Due to their design, implants provide a high level of support for a restoration, whether for a single porcelain crown, … Continue reading

The best path to total function may include dental implants from your Buffalo dentist

Senior female patient smiling to the camera holding a mirror sitting in a dental chair at the clinic

For many decades, dentures have served as the primary form of tooth replacement in our country. Several years ago, a shift began to occur, after the invention of dental implants. These tooth prosthetics allow total flexibility, replacing a single tooth or an entire mouth full of teeth that have been lost or need to be extracted. Total tooth replacement is possible, and remains cost-effective, even though implants are solitary prosthetics. Investigating the suitability of dental implants for your tooth replacement is beneficial, as this form of treatment boasts an extremely high (more than 95%) success rate. Each person’s best path … Continue reading

What is the process of tooth implantation for Buffalo patients?

Doctor holding model of teeth with dental implant, closeup of tooth implantation

When patients have experienced natural tooth loss, they have a variety of options available when it comes to restoring their smile. Dental bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants are all solutions to this concern. However, Dr. Kent of the Smile Center will often steer his patients in the direction of dental implants when it comes to finding a long-term, worthwhile investment in a patient’s smile. Many patients want to learn more about the process behind tooth implantation. Buffalo dentists such as Dr. Kent are happy to take the time to explain the procedure to patients and ensure them that this … Continue reading

What are Alternatives to Dental Implants?

Chromium removable partial denture on blue background

Many patients consider dental implants when wanting to address a missing tooth or teeth. They may find that dental implants are the best restoration for the money, and can provide a permanent solution to their lost natural teeth. However, dental implants are not for everyone. Some patients may not be able to afford them right away, while others may be looking for a short-term solution. Some patients want a solution that does not involve additional surgery. Some patients want a faster solution than the time it takes to complete implant replacement treatment. Other patients may not be viable candidates for … Continue reading

How patients in Buffalo, NY can find a qualified implants dentist

Dentist explaining the dental treatment to a patient in the office

The idea of having an artificial tooth root implanted into your jaw bone may sound new and a little scary. However, the concept isn’t recent. Ancient cultures experimented with it, and modern dental implants have been in use since the early 1980s. It is currently the best method we have of replacing a missing tooth with one that looks, feels, and functions like the real thing. Implantology is an evolving field. That means technology, materials, and methods are changing fast. How can you find a dentist who is trained and qualified? Dr. Gordon Kent of The Smile Center in Buffalo, … Continue reading

Buffalo, NY dentist explains the benefits of dental implants to patients in the 14225 area

Dentist explaining dental implant procedure

Missing teeth can significantly impact a patient’s self-esteem in a negative way. Regardless of how the teeth were lost – whether because of tooth decay or gum disease, or because of trauma to the tooth during a fall or accident, or even simply due to the effects of aging – losing a tooth is never a happy occasion. However in some cases it can’t be avoided or prevented. While a damaged tooth, or teeth, may not be able to be saved it doesn’t mean that patients have to live with gaps in their smile for the rest of their lives. … Continue reading

Buffalo area, dental center strives to make implants affordable for everyone

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In the early 1980s, the Smile Center brought dental implants to the Greater Buffalo area. Since that time, Dr. Gordon Kent and his team have pioneered other concepts to make the procedure affordable. We want to assure your needs and wants, not your budget, is the driving force behind treatment. We take great pride in catering to those who may have fear over a procedure, and some of that fear may not be pain-associated but, rather, associated with a price tag. So many options under one roof The Smile Center stands out from other dental providers in the region due … Continue reading

Dental practice near Cheektowaga minimizes stress associated with dental implants by keeping all steps of the process in-house

Woman pointing at her teeth and talking with dentist at dental clinic

Congratulations on taking the first step toward better oral and overall health by replacing missing teeth. It’s important to know that, should you ultimately opt for dental implants, your trusted dental providers at the Smile Center will be with you every step of the way. Unlike other dental practitioners in Greater Buffalo, Dr. Gordon Kent and his team perform all aspects of this multi-step process in-house. Other practices do not have the capabilities to fulfill all your dental implant needs. These dentists refer patients to specialists at certain points during the treatment, which only adds stress to patients embarking on … Continue reading

The procedure for dental implants in Buffalo

Doctor showing tooth implants to female patient in modern dental clinic

Keeping your smile healthy and beautiful is our priority at The Smile Center in Buffalo. We want you to keep your natural teeth for your entire lifetime. Unfortunately, conditions such as decay, disease, or injury can cause you to lose your adult teeth. When this happens, there is no need to worry; you are in good hands. With dental implants, you can have your teeth restored with comfort and stability. The Consultation Anyone who is interested in receiving dental implants for missing teeth will first start with a consultation appointment. During this visit, we take the time to learn more … Continue reading

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