Cosmetic Dental Treatments available from a Buffalo dentist near you

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Buffalo area

Do cosmetic imperfections in your teeth keep you from living your best life? If you are embarrassed of the appearance of your teeth, your reluctance to smile can impact how you are perceived by others. In fact, it can give others the impression that you are angry, unhappy, or frustrated. Therefore, at Smile Center in Buffalo, we offer a vast array of cosmetic dental treatments to our patients. Below, we’re sharing the various services we offer and how you can enhance your smile with cosmetic dental care. Cosmetic Dental Treatments are available at Smile Center in Buffalo At The Smile … Continue reading

The process of Internal teeth whitening for Buffalo patients

Internal teeth whitening in Buffalo NY area

When a patient has undergone root canal therapy on a tooth, they may notice that the tooth becomes darkened. This can happen due to the filling used to seal the tooth after the treatment, among other reasons, but it can still be improved with a teeth whitening procedure called Internal teeth whitening. Buffalo residents can visit the Smile Center in order to have internal teeth whitening done on teeth that have previously had root canal treatment completed. The process of internal teeth whitening is relatively simple. First, the dentist will place Vaseline on the lips to keep them from becoming … Continue reading

What are Some Examples of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Patient choosing the color for her new veneers

Improving smiles is important to Dr. Kent and the professional team at the Smile Center. Cosmetic dentistry is a field of oral care that allows dentists to improve patient smiles, one treatment at a time. Creating an aesthetically pleasing smile is a source of great pride for Dr. Kent, and is rewarding for the staff of the Smile Center. There are many ways that cosmetic dentists can improve a patient’s smile. With these various procedures, patients can enjoy the benefits of beautiful, fully functioning teeth. Here are just a few of the cosmetic treatments that are available at the Smile … Continue reading

Dentist in Buffalo talks about sensible teeth whitening

Smiling woman with white teeth holding teeth whitening tray

Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular options in cosmetic dentistry, valued by both women and men for its economical smile boost and convenience. While teeth whitening is generally very safe, it is human nature, to take a good thing a little too far. Dr. Gordon Kent, the dentist patients throughout the Buffalo area trust for good advice and great dental care, shares these tips on sensible teeth whitening. Causes of discoloration The strong enamel of permanent teeth is composed of microscopic crystalline rods that protect tooth structure from bite force and acidic erosion. Most people have very … Continue reading

Buffalo, NY offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to patients in the 14225 area

Dental drying procedure at dental office with modern equipment

Improving their smile is a common reason why patients in the 14255 area reach out to Dr. Gordon Kent of the Smile Center in Buffalo, NY. Dr. Kent is a trusted and experienced dentist who understands that the appearance of our smile can greatly impact our self-confidence. To help patients achieve the smile they want, and deserve, Dr. Kent uses new techniques and procedures to provide the best cosmetic services for her patients. With a gentle touch and a commitment to only perform procedures that are necessary and wanted by the patient, Dr. Kent gives his patients something to smile … Continue reading

Buffalo NY dentist focuses on patient experience with an efficient and safe approach to cosmetic treatments

Beautiful asian woman smile with healthy teeth whitening

It may come as no surprise that the most common types of cosmetic dental procedures include facings and whitening. Who doesn’t want a luminous, bright, non-dingy smile? These options are also an easy way to achieve a dramatic difference in your smile. When you have a nice smile, the whole world seemingly smiles with you. Numerous studies have found, among other things, that attractive smiles are more coveted than a thinner physique, wrinkle-free skin, and spider vein-free legs. Since whitening treatments and facings are so popular, it may also come as no surprise that many dental offices offer these options. … Continue reading

Cheektowaga practice distinguishes itself from other cosmetic dentists with full, onsite dental lab

Patient whitening teeth at dentist with modern equipment

Everything the Smile Center does is guided by what is best for the patient. Assuring you as a patient have the most comfortable and pleasant experience is a cornerstone of our practice. We are also proud of our ability to meet all of your dental needs. Most general dental practices depend on partnerships with specialists, such as oral surgeons to place dental implants in the jawbone. Most practices also partner with dental labs. The lab’s technicians then make the crowns and other restorations, based off of impressions or molds of your mouth taken by the general dentist. Dr. Gordon Kent … Continue reading

Proactive approach to whitening in Buffalo NY addresses habits destructive to teeth

Dentist and satisfied patient with white teeth

If your smile is looking a little dingy, it’s easy to blame coffee. The good news is that it can also be quite easy to get that white smile back. Biggest stain-producers While your daily coffee may be absorbed and settle in the porous, outer layer or tooth enamel, tea can also stain because it contains tannins. This substance is also found in wine, berries, and chocolates. Some tannin-containing fruit juices are a double-whammy, because they’re loaded with sugars which, when combined with mouth bacteria, produce acids. It’s estimated up to 80 percent of children have dental erosion. Parents are … Continue reading

Tips for keeping your teeth beautiful after whitening treatment in Buffalo

Beautiful European woman smile with healthy teeth whitening

At The Smile Center, we offer a variety of dental services to handle any of your needs. From general check-ups and preventative care to cosmetic dentistry and restorative procedures, we have you covered. One of the most common complaints among patients is the color of their teeth, a problem that is often easily remedied by whitening treatment. Once you have your new set of sparkling pearly whites, there are many things you can do at home to ensure your teeth remain vibrant and healthy. Brush your teeth – It may sound simple, but many people still don’t know how to brush … Continue reading

Cosmetic dental offices in Cheektowaga

Dental doctors standing beside dental equipment

If you are dissatisfied with your smile and are looking for a dentist with an aesthetic eye, look no further! The Smile Center specializes in cosmetic dentistry. From whitening and veneers to bridges and implants, everything we do is designed to safely make you happy with your smile. One of the most popular procedures today is tooth whitening. We all want that gleaming, movie-star smile. In one safe and easy in-office treatment, you will be able to see a difference. Discoloration and stains, whether from your favorite beverage, aging, or old dental work, can be safely and gently removed; restoring … Continue reading


Mary the hygienist was absolutely amazing! I was a nervous wreck when I went in for a cleaning today and from the start she made sure that her main concern was to make sure I was comfortable and my nerves were under control. My routine cleaning ended up turning in to a bit more of challenge, but Mary went above and beyond to make sure that I was okay. She treated me like family instead of just another scared patient and that was more than I could’ve asked for. I would highly recommend her for any and all of your dental hygiene needs!